Cereal Food Manufacturing Company

Cereal Food Manufacturing Company presents: Whole Grain Grits, Flakes and Food Ingredients

Cereal Food Manufacturing Company is an ISO 22000:2005 Certified Company and is a leading name in the manufacturing of Cereal Based Grits, Flakes and Food Ingredients. We offer various type of Grits/Suji /Meal which is derived from sortex clean whole grains, then comes to Flakes & Malted Barley in bulk as well as in private labels. We offer a wide range of cereal food that includes Grits & Flakes (I.e. Rice, Corn, Gram, Barley, Ragi, Oats, Jowar etc ) & Barley malt products. Our products are processed under completely hygienic and GMP conditions.

It is our immense pleasure to say that we are client centric organization. We are totally committed to our clients and willingness to deliver a flexible, customer orientated approach to meet the individual needs of its business.

We have a widespread business network and have agreement with various MNC,s  to supply top quality material in their private labels as well as bulk supply.

It is our endeavor to team up with small and large companies alike to provide healthy, superior and affordable food products to meet the demands of the market. Read more...

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