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Malt Products

We are engaged in offering premium quality Malt Products, which are prepared from natural malt extracts. Our range of Malt Products includes Malted Barley, Barley Malt Extract, Barley Malt Powder, and Barley Malt Flour. These products are processed under hygienic conditions in order to retain their nutritional content and high quality. Further, we provide proper packaging of the Malt Products thus provide higher shelf life.

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Malted Barley

We are engaged in importing of Malted Barley from North America, Europe and Australia to cater the requirements of breweries, distilleries, malted milk food manufacturers, confectioners and pharmaceutical industry. The Barley Malt offered by our company is very delicious in taste. We offer Malted Barley at very


Barley Malt Extract

The Barley Malt Extract we offer is the hot water extract of malted barley. The extraction method does not involve the use of any chemicals. Only the hot water and physical segregation processes using residual grain as a natural filter are involved. The resulting wart is carefully evaporated to 80 % solids to


Barley Malt Powder

Barley Malt Powder are made by introducing the liquid malt extract onto a slowly moving band passing through the vacuum. The vacuum allows evaporation to happen at a lower temperature and aids the extract to puff. The resultant honeycomb of material is milled into a coarse powder prior to


Barley Malt Flour

Our Barley Malt Flour is produced by milling grains of malted cereals. We produce both light and dark flours. We offer light colour malt flours in varying degrees of alpha amylase, protein and malt flavour. The dark Barley Malt Flours are produced from malt which has been roasted after the malting process. Dark


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