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Ragi Grits

The clients across the globe can avail Ragi Grits also known as Millet Grit from us. The Ragi Grit is a main source of Calcium & Iron and is obtained by processing and milling whole grain. This small food grain popularly known as Finger millet is also known as Bulo (Uganda), Nachini (Maharashtra), African Millet, Koracan, Wimbi (Swahili) and Ragi. The origin of this grain is believed to be from Uganda, or regions around that country, from where it was introduced to India about 3000 years ago.

Industry User
  • Cereal Breakfast manufacturer
  • Food Ingredients Manufacturer
  • Snack and Breads manufacturer
  • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer
  • Health Food Drinks Manufacturer

Available Packing
  • 25kg HDPE Bag with LD Inner Linear (Food Grade)

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